Amazing Remedies

Written by Sulakshana Mohan


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Colors play an important role in the world in which we have live.


There are different types of crystals, each filled with its own healing abilities on your mind.


Mini pyramids, if kep at at suitable places in the house can correct Vastu flaws.


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About the Author

Sulakshana Mohan is a leading authority on Vastu, having written many books on the subject. A well known Vastu Consultant, his portrays his teachings through a blog.

Modern houses are attractive, utilitarian and structurally sound. Physically, the house may look spectacular with no-fault. People buy them without bothering about the effect they have on our minds. No wonder majority of people are unhappy in their homes. It is important to look for psychological aspects also.

Amazing Remedies not only tells people why they are unhappy, but also provides a guide to take the next steps in a simple language. The remedies suggested are effective and easy to do with little or no expenses.


Move towards your ideal lifestyle with little effort, without complications and expenses!

Vastu Remedies that Work has been written for you.


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