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The home in which we live affects our energies. Does it affect our thought process?

Houses made as per Vastu principles give positive energies. Otherwise, you are prone to negative energy, negative thought process. We fall prey to the maladies of modern life like a constant fear, a sort of stress that all is not right with the world. Fortunately Vastu has the answer to our problems, this constant stress.

What is Vastu?

It is Vedic Architecture, which helps you to stay in tune with the environment. It lays down specific code for construction involving directions, dimensions, and surroundings. It does not seek to replace modern architects, but rather adds to their good work. In my book, Authentic Vastu, I have explained the rules and regulations of Vastu in a simple way.

Unfortunately, most of the houses are not made as per Vastu principles, and as a result most people are unhappy. Worse still, they do not even know the cause of their troubles . They don’t realize that it could be traced to the faulty construction of their homes.

In Amazing Remedies, I have not only explained the reason for their unhappiness but also what the remedies are. They are simple to do, without much expense. It is my fervent wish that they can put their life on the path to fulfillment of their earthly desires i.e. health, wealth, and happiness.

The Institute of Vastu Studies is committed to spreading the message of Vastu all over the world. Authentic Vastu and Amazing Remedies are steps in that direction.


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